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from the Venetian kind) is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Zakynthos is a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands area, and its solely municipality.
Zakynthos to Kefalonia bus companies, operated by KTEL Kefallonia, arrive at Kefallinia Airport station. Zakynthos to Kefalonia bus services, operated by KTEL Zakythos, depart from Zakynthos station. Limited worldwide flights leaving Greece started to renew from July 1. Domestic travel is restricted inside Greece as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some border closures are in place for Greece due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).
It covers an area of 405.fifty five km2 (156.6 sq mi) and its shoreline is roughly 123 km in length. The name, like all comparable names ending in -nthos, is pre-Mycenaean or Pelasgian in origin.

In Greek mythology the island was mentioned to be named after Zakynthos, the son of the legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus. Find all of the transport options in your journey from Athens to Killini proper here. You can take a bus from Athens to Killini through Patras, Pýrgos, and Kyllíni in around 6h 56m.

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  • Paxi wouldn't have an airport, and due to this fact, the one means you'll be able to reach or leave the island is by a ferry or a ship.

Zakynthos was then conquered by King Arkesios of Kefalonia, after which by Odysseus from Ithaca. In the Odyssey, Homer mentions 20 nobles from Zakynthos among a complete of 108 of Penelope's suitors.
The Zakynthians are then enumerated among the many autonomous allies of Athens within the disastrous Sicilian expedition. These exiles will need to have belonged to the anti-Spartan celebration as the Zakynthian rulers applied for assist to the Spartans who sent a fleet of 25 to the island. The ancient Greek poet Homer talked about Zakynthos in the Iliad and the Odyssey, stating that its first inhabitants have been the son of King Dardanos of Arcadia, called Zakynthos, and his men. Before being renamed Zakynthos, the island was stated to have been known as Hyrie.


Athens to Killini bus services, operated by KTEL Achaias, arrive at Pýrgos station. Athens to Killini bus services, operated by KTEL Achaias, depart from Athens station. Find all of the transport choices in your journey from Zakynthos to Kefalonia proper right here. simply click the up coming website page